follow-up meeting

Bologna, 2015 May 16 - at 9 - ZAN Hotel Via Saliceto 8 - 40100 Bentivoglio (Bologna)


The technological development in the field of inertial sensors allowed in the recent years the development of new devices for the functional evaluation in physiotherapy. The possibility to evaluate the motion performance of a subject before and after a physiotherapy treatment is important both as a motivation both for testing the efficacy of a therapy. In fact, the choice of a rehabilitation program should be based on objective data that the new technology Wiva® makes it easily accessible to the physiotherapist, providing a cheap and small size tool for the functional evaluation suitable for the use in the daily clinical practice. This course aims to provide practical guidance on the use of new technology Wiva® that, once you understand its ease of use and the validity of the data provided, it can become an instrument of evaluation regularly used in physiotherapy.