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  • active aging
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  • The evolution of a concept and the search for its best application

    In sport to obtain the maximum efficiency by a specific movement it is important to check the biomechanics of the movement itself. This is an often underrated factor, which furthermore causes pains generated in other parts of the body, when the movement or the sport activity was improperly done.

    Letsense Group has designed equipments suitable for this purpose, non-invasive, lightweight, wireless through which with simple wearable devices it is also possible to check in real time the biomechanical parameters involved in the movement.

  • Active aging: from the measure of the movement to increase the self-sufficiency

    The promotion of active and healthy ageing is one of the investment priorities of the European Social Fund.
    Letsense Group is among the first companies to have promoted the sensitivity towards this new frontier, developing systems that enable

    to specialists a remote monitoring of patients for the accurate assessment of their level of physical activity. Elder is so stimulated and followed in a fast manner using non-invasive devices and the easy operation that help him to pursue a healthy movement activities.

  • For post trauma

    Following a trauma or a surgery on the muscle skeletal apparatus it is normally required a rehabilitation period of in order to obtain again a appropriate level of functional ability. Any loss of functional ability is reflected frequently on the loss of one’s own role in the social and working field. Against a suitable rehabilitation program it is as important, both for

    the patient and for the physical therapist, to assess progresses in an objective manner. The therapist can then motivate the subject and make more understanding the limits to achieve. Letsense Group over the years has developed tools for the functional assessment to obtain a quick post traumatic check.

  • For sports

    The measure in times of professional and amateur sports. In sport for maximum efficiency of a particular gesture is important to check the biomechanics of the act itself. This is an often overlooked factor that leads , where the act or the activity were done improperly, to induce pain in other

    parts of the body. Letsense Group designes equipments, non-invasive , suitable for this purpose using wireless read and through which with simple portable devices it is also possible to check in real time the biomechanical parameters involved in the movement.

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News & Events

Letsense Group Staff

Published 31 dicembre 2015

In the ocasion of Christmas 2015 , Letsense thanks all the italian and croatian staff

With the support of new young engineers and techician the development of the products of Letsense and WIVA increases during 2015 and we are ready to enter a new 2016 full of satisfactions

Expecially the WIVA products will have...


TAIWAN - LorAn & Wiva products

Published 10 novembre 2015

A visit to our best customers in Taiwan . GoodArch uses our systems in their main facility and in all thier shops.

The chinese market appreciate Letsense products.




Published 01 marzo 2016



WIVA CYCLING will be ufficially presented to USA market . After Europe and Asia also the United States will know this new and powerfull device.

The cyclist and the biomechanical specialist will...